Pro tips

Need some tips on how to get started, or to make the deployment process faster? Look no further!

Below are some details on what you'll need and how you can use them effectively with Dragon Deploy.

To use Dragon Deploy you'll need an wallet. Head to the link, and generate a new wallet to get started using Dragon Deploy.

The Upload Process

Once you have connected your wallet to Dragon Deploy, it is recommended to set signTransaction from Ask to Allow under the permissions tab. This will greatly increase the speed and experience of uploads on Dragon Deploy.

Upload Costs

All files are sent via the dispatch method, which finds the best way for your files to reach Arweave. It also means that files under 100KB are completely free!

All other costs are subject to the price of the Arweave network, with no additional fees. Dragon Deploy will give you an estimate of the upload cost when you drop in a folder.

ArConnect Support

We hope to add support for Arconnect wallets soon.